Welcome to Top Spot & Diva Spa!
Only one 7D Cinema & interactive floors in NY area

We are here to cater to your child's every needs on their special day! Come and interact with any of our fairy tale characters as your child explores our 6000 sq. ft play area which includes video games, laser games, playstation on flat screen TV's, doll houses, a toddler play area and arcade games. 7D Movie Theater in the New York area. Along with our beautiful cafe lounge , featuring dancing with interactive floors that combine experience of movement , action and excitement. Technology that beautifully engages kid's senses, sight, sound and touch. Games for the kids and of course catering for adults. Unforgettable Little Diva parties in our brand new Diva Spa! Many fabulous packages. Runway shows, karaoke, disco, nice cafe area and much much more.

Open play Tue-Fri 11 am-3 pm

After school activities Mon-Fri 3 pm-8 pm

Our Approach

Your child comes first at TopSpot & Diva Spa where memories last a lifetime.

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What We Offer

Our exclusive packages offer more for your child at a great price.

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Our Location

Conveniently located in Brooklyn, McDonald area.

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